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The Mysteries of Norwegian Trolls: Folklore and Its Impact on Tourism

The Mysteries of Norwegian Trolls: Folklore and Its Impact on Tourism

Norwegian trolls are a fascinating aspect of the country’s rich folklore. These mythical creatures have captivated the imagination of both locals and tourists alike. In this article, we will explore the origins of troll folklore, their characteristics, and how they have influenced tourism in Norway.

Origins of Troll Folklore

The legend of trolls has deep roots in Scandinavian mythology. These creatures are often depicted as large, fearsome beings that dwell in the mountains and forests. According to ancient tales, trolls are nocturnal and turn to stone if exposed to sunlight.

Characteristics of Trolls

Trolls are typically described as:

Despite their intimidating looks, some stories portray trolls as gentle giants who are misunderstood by humans.

Impact on Tourism

The allure of trolls has significantly boosted tourism in Norway. Many visitors are eager to explore the landscapes that are steeped in troll mythology. Some popular tourist attractions include:


Norwegian trolls are more than just mythical creatures; they are an integral part of the country’s cultural heritage. Their stories continue to enchant and attract tourists from around the world, making them a vital component of Norway’s tourism industry. Whether you are a folklore enthusiast or simply looking for a unique travel experience, the land of trolls has something magical to offer.

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